Personal Statement Essays

Law School

The law school personal statement is the perfect opportunity to use your rhetorical skills to convince the committee that you belong in their program; they are seeking a good match. Your writing skills and the ability to follow directions, directly correlated to legal briefs, will be judged. It is harder than ever to be accepted to law school, and tailoring applications is now a common practice. Ideal essays demonstrate in-depth knowledge and interest. The most egregious error is not allowing enough time to proofread and edit; writing creates ownership.

Write for clarity. The structure should incude a substantial introduction, explicit topics, and a powerful conclusion. Since the statement is persuasive in nature, you must represent yourself in a particular light.Strong sentences with active voice will create images of your past experience, current purpose and your future goals. The committee is searching for qualifications that are not in other parts of your application. Relay specific, meaningful stories and insights that reveal who you are. If you choose to write about a significant person or event, bring it back to you. Tell what you have learned in a substantive manner while being personal and thoughtful. Tell what makes you distinctive: travel experience, overcoming adversity, tragedies or triumphs in life. How have you changed or grow as a result of those experiences?

The statement is equivalent to an interview; you want to talk to the reader. As a communication exercise, you can reveal your mastery of effective articulation. Demonstrating your leadership, negotiation skills, organization and resourcefulness is critical. Your style should be honest, concise, vibrant and eloquent; the tone should be confident. Present yourself in a positive, professional and formal manner. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

As a professional writing consultant, I can help you organize and showcase your talents. I will reduce the stress and work closely with you to maximize your story by creating a personal timeline. You must convincingly prove your passion and conviction. The biggest mistake is underestimating the time needed to produce an extraordinary piece.