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OK—grades are in; SAT/ACT scores are set; teacher recommendations are what they are—all that is left is the essay. Millions of high school seniors begin the college application process each year; competition has never been fiercer. My service is an individualized, professional service with a goal of admission to the school of your choice. We will work together to brainstorm, create and perfect rough drafts into dynamically written vehicles of self-expression. An essay editor will enable you to keep your unique voice. You will create a top-notch, authentic essay, which is imperative to the admissions process, and may lead to an acceptance letter.

The personal statement, your first impression, can color and augment your chances with the admissions committee. A well-written, powerful essay that highlights your academic and individual strengths, both professional and personal, is essential. Distinguishing yourself from thousands of other applicants is paramount. My service is not a pre-packaged writing Internet service, nor is it a cut and paste essay type service; I will give you individual, professional attention.

The stakes are high: acceptance or rejection. A well-crafted essay increases a candidate's chances of admission to the university of his or her choice; conversely, a poorly prepared essay can deny you the chance to be a finalist. I work closely with individuals to formulate an essay that will produce excellent results— and one you will be proud of.

As an Adjunct Professor of Writing at Syracuse University, I fully understand the qualities of a well-constructed essay. Admissions officers search your essay looking for details that are not anywhere else in your application. Be prepared to write many drafts and revisions! Proofreading is one of the most boring, yet necessary essay skills. Precise, yet masterful word choices that sound natural make the difference. By using specific examples, you will put a face to the test scores. The essay is an extension of your resume.

A word about word limits: many students are extremely capable of creating and elongating an essay. Many high school assignments are: Five pages, double-spaced, 12-inch Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Personal statements need each and every word to have great importance. Learning how to create a personal statement essay is quite new to most students.

Unlike other writing services where teams of faceless writers offer services, I promise personal attention and guidance. As an experienced and skilled professional with proven results with personal statement skills, you will receive customized results. My reputation with my students stems from originality, creativity and effectiveness.

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