Personal Statement Essays

Business School

An MBA application requires a series of essays that will clearly convey crucial information about your purpose in pursuing this degree, and your fit within a particular program. You must, therefore, consider the program's structure and the appeal of the school's specific resources.

Many professionals find self-assessment, on both a profession and a personal level, difficult. It is imperative to relay your experiences by producing a story that displays purpose and thoughtfulness while delineating your impact. You must construct an essay that sheds light upon: work experience involvement, club contributions, global perspectives and your post-MBA vision. Schools demand compelling reasons for an MBA; however, the program fit is critical. This specific, vital information requires homework on your part in order to avoid generic statements. Goals—both short and long term—need to be clearly defined. You must demonstrate your conviction and resolve to accomplish these goals, but also to indicate what you involvement you bring.

Academic skills, relevant practical experience, personal qualities, leadership, communication skills, initiative, vision and goals must be revealed. Engaging narratives that indisputably demonstrate your direction and focus, while precisely noting how your long-term goals are ambitious, yet realistic must be created.

As a professional writing consultant, I can help you organize and showcase your talents. You must convincingly prove your passion and conviction. I will reduce the stress and work closely with you to maximize your story by creating a personal timeline. The biggest mistake is underestimating the time needed to produce an extraordinary piece.