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  • 7th Grade - College English

  • 7th - 11th Grade Math

  • Research Papers of any subject

My specialized one-on-one tutoring has repeatedly proven to increase student's grades. I can instill the necessary confidence in your child's skills, thus enabling improved performance. If your child is struggling, a plan can be put in place. Healthy self-esteem is important to academic success; insecurity over learning difficulties can begin a frustrating cycle of failure. Long-term academic success is pivotal to creating results and life-long learners.

I modify my tutoring to match the academic needs of the student and provide the most effective instruction. My commitment to your child is to provide a professional, individual and intensive program that will create motivation, instill confidence and achieve success.

A constructive working relationship will be established in order to encourage a positive learning attitude. Individualized tutoring will be personalized, provide positive feedback, and focus on areas for improvement. I will work with the student's classroom teacher, or not, depending upon your wishes.

I am familiar with a wide range of tests, including local school exams, state testing and standardized national exams. My extensive teaching experience, 7th grade through college, allows me to steer your child's writing in the proper direction. I am a fully licensed 7-12 educator with an M.A. and B.A. in English/Education, an M.S. in Learning Technology, and over 120 additional hours of English/Education credits.



Increased competition for admission to the most of the country's select high schools, colleges and universities has dramatically heated up; many students have opted to gain an advantage through test preparation. My multi-faceted approach includes teaching: content, test-taking strategies, and maintaining focus throughout these psychologically grueling exams.

The College Board selected me to score the SAT Writing Section because of my professional experience grading the New York State English Regent's Exam, and my years of teaching English that ranged from 7th grade through the college level.The SAT essay allows only 25 minutes for the student to: read the prompt, formulate a thesis, use examples to support that thesis, organize thoughts, use higher-end vocabulary, good grammar, transition words and sentences and have a fabulous conclusion!Some students develop writer's block or anxiety; I can alleviate those fears with my plan of attack for the essay.

Entrance exams are extremely demanding. The SAT or ACT is one of the most demanding tests for a high school student, as well as one of the most important criteria in determining admission into the college of their choice. I am an expert in the following sections: Critical Reading, Writing and Grammar.

Endurance is certainly a factor in many standardized exams. If there is to be an increase in scores, then allow at least three months for preparation; this will allow proper time to achieve these goals. The ability to tackle questions with confidence is achieved through my comprehensive test-taking strategies.

Prepping for standardized tests may put your child ahead. In many areas of the country, if you do not prep, then you are behind the competition. The pressure is enormous, but reducing stress usually leads to a better score. Test anxiety can be reduced through my proven content and test-taking strategy preparation and coaching. Students will know what to expect on the test, and will have the ability to deal with the questions.

Personal Statement Essays

Working with Maryanne Monroe will allow you to script a high-quality essay. Personal Statement Essays must be written in a sincere, authentic voice reflecting your growth, personality, education and strengths—and not mentioned in other parts of your application.

You will develop a personalized timeline for admission deadlines by planning ahead. Cooperative brainstorming and a comprehensive review of your statement will produce a compelling piece of writing. Professional and fastidious in-depth comments will be provided; essays must be error-free.

This is a not a statement of dreams, but of purpose; you need to produce depth. You will take satisfaction in an essay that reflects not only your accomplishments, but also your potential. Essays require much time with extensive proofreading, editing and re-writing.

Organizational & Study Skills

School is My Job!

As a seasoned educator, and as a parent, I know that organizational and study skills are paramount for both school and life success. I have had a myriad of experience with many students over the years, and I have taken many courses on this topic. I can help with many of the following areas:

  • Time Management
  • Studying
  • Lectures & Reading
  • Note-Taking
  • Taking Exams & Controlling Stress

Adult English Learners

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Coming to a new country is both courageous and intimidating. Whether an individual is entering a career or a social setting, I can facilitate a smooth transition into the English language. A person may have a good command of grammar and vocabulary, but they may need help with pronunciation. Others may need assistance with the more technical aspects of English.

I provide personal attention to reading and verbal communication, paying particular attention to idiomatic expressions. Any level—beginner, intermediate or advanced—will benefit greatly from one-on-one tutoring. Increasing verbal, reading and conversational skills may allow individuals to assimilate more easily into a culture. I can ease that process by decreasing anxiety and alleviating grammar and pronunciation errors.

Having worked with many international assignees, I am passionate and compassionate about helping new language learners comprehend the intricacies of English. Many emergent adult English learners have a command of English, but they are hesitant to speak in public or social settings for a variety of reasons. I offer a stress-free and non-judgmental climate in which mistakes can be made and corrected.

This type of tutoring is especially rewarding to me, and I have clients who still keep in touch with me after 30 years.

Staff Development

SAT, ACT, AP Exams, Writing, Texas State Exams, Mentoring

One measure of a school ranking is SAT/ACT/AP scores. Teachers, often pressured to teach mandated curriculum, do not have time to prepare students for the SAT/ACT exams. These imperative concepts are easily incorporated into core curriculum standards.

Thesis-driven exams necessitate meaningful development; teachers need proven, professional ideas that they can adapt throughout all content areas. Student achievement is a product of quality educators; supporting your staff creates powerful student achievement.

I can provide proven, professional, practical and powerful tools to improve student attainment, enhance teacher fulfillment and achieve school success. Your students, teachers, programs and school will see meaningful and measurable improvement.

Mentor programs are available upon request.

Maryanne Monroe has helped hundreds of students to gain admission and to excel at the best schools in the country.

Colleges & Universities

  • DArizona State
  • qBaylor
  • FColorado State
  • qConcordia
  • aElon University
  • nFurman University
  • SHarvard
  • SHarvard Business School
  • aHigh Point University
  • PKansas State
  • RLoyola
  • RLSU
  • ILynn University
  • GMitchell College
  • hNYU
  • jOklahoma State
  • lThe Wharton School of Penn
  • OPurdue
  • pRhodes
  • qRice University Jones Graduate School of Business
  • qSchreiner University
  • pSewanee
  • qSouthern Methodist University
  • EStanford Graduate School of Business
  • qTexas A&M
  • qTexas Christian University
  • qTexas Tech
  • qTrinity
  • jTulsa
  • BUniversity of Alabama
  • NUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • PUniversity of Kansas
  • qUniversity of Houston
  • YUniversity of Mississippi
  • jUniversity of Oklahoma
  • qUniversity of Texas
  • qUniversity of Texas McCombs School of Business
  • qUniversity of Texas San Antonio
  • qUniversity of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
  • sUniversity of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • pVanderbilt
  • GYale School of Management

Commitment & Pricing

Do I have to make a long-term investment?

I will work with you for as long as you feel appropriate progress is being made. Payment is upfront for four scheduled sessions. Classes must have a 24 hour cancellation notice, or the class is forfeited. My commitment is to help students succeed as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing frustration and maintaining a quality educational environment.

  • Fees are available upon request.
  • Flexible scheduling is available.



By the time I started seeing Maryanne I thought all hope was lost when it came to college essays. I had nothing intriguing to write about; or so I thought. After just one session, Maryanne had cleared my mind and filled it with potential essay ideas. She was so easy to talk to and extremely insightful when it came to what admissions offices were looking for. Beyond brainstorming, Maryanne was also an extremely accurate and efficient proofreader. She never put words in my mouth but instead talked my pieces with me to enhance them. Maryanne is a large part of the reason that I will be attending Vanderbilt University this fall.

Kate B

Maryanne Monroe has really helped me with the way I look at school. She has taught me how to study for test and how to be organized. She is a very funny and very nice person. She always has a smile on her face and is the nicest person I know. She always helps me with my homework when I don't understand and she always answers my questions in the best way possible. I have really enjoyed working with her and I know that I am ready to go to college.

Travis M

What started out as tutoring sessions for the SAT turned into strategic planning for college essays and beyond. Maryanne is more than a tutor, she is a mentor and a true friend to my daughter, Leslie (Texas A&M, Class of 2016)! Maryanne taught Leslie more than how to improve some test score. She taught Leslie how to write and how to market herself in the competitive college admissions process.

Sydney M

Working with Mrs. Monroe was a great experience. Not only did my SAT score exponentially increase, but, with Mrs. Monroe's attentive instruction and constructive criticism, I was able to become a better writer and all-around student. I highly recommend Mrs. Monroe to anyone looking to boost their standardized test scores the right way.

Cullen C

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Maryanne Monroe

Owner & Founder

Maryanne Monroe is an accomplished educational professional with over 30 years of English teaching experience in New York's finest middle schools, high schools and on the college-level. She works as a consultant for school districts as a staff developer. Her reputation for motivating students to succeed is evident in both private and public school systems, as well as urban and suburban settings. Her private Texas tutoring business has been thriving for many years.

Her students have increased scores because they have the confidence to perform their best on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, ISEE, COOP, HSPT), college essays and admission interviews. She is currently an official scorer for the SAT Writing Section and other Texas state exams. Maryanne brings years of teaching Honors and Regents level courses in English, with a special focus on critical reading, writing and grammar to her tutoring practice. At all levels, there is a successful degree of Special Education collaboration.

Maryanne provides personalized tutoring instruction, and is passionate about empowering her students to attain success. She has been able to achieve excellent results by reducing test anxiety and increasing confidence levels. She believes that all students are capable of improving their performance, and she strives to enable them to become self-assured learners.

All three children are involved in education: one daughter is the Director of the Colchester, Vermont Pre and Post-school Program, her son is a New York high school social studies educator, and another daughter is a chemistry/guidance counselor at a New Jersey high school. She and her husband, Doug, enjoy living in the Great State of Texas! They share their home with the most spoiled kitty in Houston—Webster.

Maryanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education, a Masters of Arts in English and Education, a Masters of Science in Learning Technology—with Distinction, and New York State Permanent Certification for 7 - 12 English. Adjunct Professor at Syracuse University, Established Private Tutor, Staff Developer for local Texas school districts, Official SAT Essay Scorer. Who's Who in American Teachers.

Supporter of St. Luke's Pure Sound, Lamar Baseball, St. Thomas and the Linda Lorelle Scholarship

Member of BraeBurn Country Club and Cattle Barron's Victory